Boat Rowing 101

Darlin’, here is the list of things you will need when you take up Boat Rowing 101:

A lake
A boat
Two oars
A life jacket
A hat
Reading glasses placed inside a Ziploc bag
Cushions to be used as flotation devices in case you capsize the boat
A map
A compass in case the map gets wet when you capsize the boat
A Styrofoam cooler with lots of ice
Canned drinks and bottled water
Snack food placed inside a Ziploc bag
Flares in case you capsize the boat at night
Walkie-talkie or cell phone placed inside a Ziploc bag
Instructions on how to row a boat

These are the things I will need:

A big Adirondack chair with soft cushions set up outside under a big oak tree
A footstool with a soft cushion
A tall glass of iced tea with a slice of lemon on the rim and a straw
A big bowl of popcorn with just a hint of Land O’ Lakes melted butter
Soft music and my favorite book
Binoculars to watch you as you learn how to row your boat

© Catherine Evermore. All rights reserved.

by Christopher Cross

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