The Black and White Charity Ball

She was lovely in her long black gown
Pearl earrings hidden by her soft auburn hair
He was handsome in his black tuxedo
Starched white shirt and perfect black tie

As he gently took her in his arms
They danced slowly to the sounds
Of the jazz quintet set up in the ballroom and
They made the perfect couple or so it seemed

What the others didn’t know was this
Their significant others
Stayed at home that night
In the comfort of each others arms

“Charity begins at home,” said he.

“Hi, my name is Charity,” said she.

© Catherine Evermore. All rights reserved.

With These Hands
by Joe Sample

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2 Responses to The Black and White Charity Ball

  1. Rusty Armor says:

    That was very charitable of her …

  2. Catherine says:

    I think she is a bell ringer during the Christmas season.

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