Today Is “I Hate Everything” Day

It’s true, I do. I hate everything.

I hate the news. As much as I try to avoid it, there it is sucking me in to share my own opinions.

I hate the NBA. Just as boycotts hurt the NFL, I want boycotts of the China-loving NBA to really hit them hard.

I hate Facebook. I’m there for one friend and one live program. That’s it. FB will never be anything more to me than what it is right now.

I hate Twitter. Twitter is where I go to blow off steam, and a few times it has gotten my account taken down for a time out. Calling Jerry Nadler “fat boy,” and insinuating that Hillary Clinton is a bitch, might have crossed the line. Twitter brings out the worst in people … in me.  But no one brings out the anger in me more than Adam Schiff and his phony impeachment witch hunt.

I hate my hair (which is odd considering this time last year I was bald from chemo). It’s grown back but the color is not me. I’m no longer going to color my hair, but I wish it would suddenly become golden blond or flaming red. Squirrel color just isn’t me.

I hate chicken. After years of eating chicken, I can’t stand the taste any longer. Beef and lean pork have taken the place of boring broiled chicken. The truth is that I don’t eat much of anything these days. Cancer made everything taste like metal. Open-heart surgery makes everything taste bland.

I hate the “suggested” diet for heart patients. I call it the “Cardboard Diet” because everything suggested tastes like cardboard. No salt. No seasoning. No this and that. As my weight has dropped to 118 pounds, I want a Big Mac and fries, dammit!!!!

I hate that my driving has been restricted to 10 miles out and back. It’s wonderful to have my independence once again, but I miss going places that I no longer can drive to because of my heart condition.

Perhaps it would be helpful if I logged out of Twitter, turned off the news, picked up a good book, or maybe just went back to bed. I would take a walk but it’s going to rain.

My gratitude needs to be renewed. Being grateful is something I’ve always been, but lately I’m just angry. Maybe I can blame 2018, the year of cancer, chemo, and open-heart surgery that spilled into 2019. Maybe I can blame the Democrats. That’s it!

Happy Tuesday …

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by The Alan Parsons Project

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2 Responses to Today Is “I Hate Everything” Day

  1. Rusty Armor says:

    The taste buds will reawaken … but I don’t think the news is ever going to …

  2. Catherine says:

    I just had some no sugar added ice cream and it was delicious. 🙂

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