Pick Your Battles Very Carefully

Twitter has decided to ban political ads. I’m not sure how I feel about this, not that it matters. Twitter is privately owned and old Jack can do whatever he wants to do with Twitter. So can the people who have accounts with Twitter. They can leave and send old Jack a message … screw you!

No matter how much I want to like Facebook, I hate it. The only time Facebook has ever been of any service to me was years ago when we were planning a high school reunion. After the reunion, everyone scattered to the four winds taking their accounts with them.

I read something on Breitbart today: “Joe Biden Claims He Was Not Aware of Son’s Service on Burisma’s Board.” That’s a direct quote from Breitbart.com. I’m beginning to think something is wrong with old Joe. Sometimes old Joe doesn’t know where he is (geographically speaking).

Liz Warren wants to add 50 trillion … TRILLION … to our national debt. She said two million people will lose their jobs. I’m not kidding you. She said it, and it’s out there on YouTube or somewhere. The rich people will pay more taxes and the middle income people won’t see their taxes go up. This from a fake Indian who lied about being fired because she was pregnant. I love watching loony Liz make stupid comments.

And … just when you thought it couldn’t get any better … Bozo Beto has dropped out of the race.

Thank you, Jesus!

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Southern Cross

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2 Responses to Pick Your Battles Very Carefully

  1. Rusty Armor says:

    For years and years, politicians could tell stories and the press never checked on them. Hillary seemed to be the worst of the lot, but Old CornPop Joe is a geezer has forgotten which tales are true and which tales were to amuse kids …

  2. Catherine says:

    If Joe wins the nomination the Dems might as well call it a day. Trump will eat him alive!

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