Jumping the Ditch

Until I was 12 years old, my family lived in a small ranch style house on a very long street in a neighborhood not far from where I live today. Back in the day, when my family lived in the house, there was a narrow ditch that ran between the backyards of the houses on our street and the backyards of the houses behind ours.

Because one side of the ditch was higher than the other, jumping the ditch was a big deal. Some spots along the ditch required a short hop, while other spots required a leap that could land you in the ditch if you weren’t careful.

I remember falling in the ditch a time or two. Mom wasn’t too happy when I got home with mud all over my clothes and shoes. Taking them off in the garage and getting washed down with the garden hose comes to mind.

Then came the day – the day that was my big moment. I successfully landed what had to be a perfect 10 in the sport of ditch jumping. It was awesome! After that, I started to take ballet classes, and my ditch jumping days were over.

Recently, I took a drive through the neighborhood just to see how things look today. The ditch is gone. It has been filled in with dirt and elephant ear plants.

Today, I’m wondering what else is missing …

Have a nice day!

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by Jackie Allen

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