Keeping the Faith

Never have I felt more helpless and hopeless than I do right now.


Oh, I know that President Trump is going to eat the Democrats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In the end, he is going to win. Those who are willing to fight for him and with him are front and center, while others in the GOP are content to sit back with their tails between their legs.


One minute, I tell myself to stay calm and let the legal system do what it’s supposed to do. The next minute, I’m so damn angry at the legal system that is failing us. Quite frankly, I’m losing faith and it’s all because of the Democrats and their never-ending illegal witch hunt.

The IG report didn’t help matters much.

My heart is “very, very sick” while I continue to have allergic reactions to medications that are supposed to help. My heart will never get any better, and as I told my doctor, “I will take what I can tolerate, and if I die then I die.”

Cancer didn’t kill me, but this heart thing …

One more test to go on Christmas Eve that could put me back in the hospital for more surgery.

Sweet Jesus, between the insanity of the Democrats and my sick heart, I pray to make it to Christmas Day.

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Cantique de Noël (O Holy Night)
by Mannheim Steamroller

2 thoughts on “Keeping the Faith”

  1. We want you to make it through Christmas, and a few Christmases afterwards.
    The politics will iron out. The left has truly overplayed its hand. The next round is in the courts, and they will be a bit harder to mau mau ….

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