Twitter Jail and Other Stuff

This past week has been a bit stressful and a bit challenging. I’m trying to help a couple of friends with a situation that came about through no fault of their own. I’ve probably taken much of it to heart because I don’t want to see my friends on the losing end of a sticky situation. There is a way for this to be a win-win for everyone, but only if a third person will cooperate and stop being a jackass.

Otherwise, I’m just rolling along doing little to nothing else simply because I don’t know what I want to do with my life. In other words, I’m stuck.

Don’t worry … I’m not going to go down the “bad health” road. There is nothing to say except not much has changed. Period.

Here’s something you might not know. Twitter put me in Twitter jail for 12 hours. Why? I offended a Democrat. If I do it again, Twitter will ban me for life. Really? For life? That seems rather harsh. Democrats offend me all the time, but I don’t see them getting banned for life.

What’s new in your world? Oh, by the way, the Wise Chat window on the right side of my home page is open to everyone – even anonymous people, not that I have anonymous people stopping by but we shall see.

Best wishes to you and yours for a happy new week.

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