A Heart Story – Part Two

Today is Wednesday, January 16, 2019.

Tomorrow, I am going to see my primary care doctor, the one who delivered the bad news last year that I had cancer, and he has been following my heart surgery case since day one. It seems Medicare wants me to see him before the end of the week. Maybe one day I will read the Medicare handbook.

Next Monday, I will go to the hospital for an x-ray, wait for it to be developed, and then visit my cardiologist. My nurse said yesterday that he is one of the very best heart surgeons in northeast Florida. That makes me feel much better. I’m not sure how he inherited me, but I’m glad he did. He and his team saved my life.

People have been in and out all week, and yesterday I thought the phone would never stop ringing. I’m not used to all this attention (thank you, Medicare). A nurse, a home health aide, an OT person, and a PT guy. This will continue for a few weeks and then I will be on my own unless I hire someone to help me.

The plumbers were Johnny-on-the-spot yesterday and installed two grab bars. That made me feel even more secure today while taking a bath sitting on a chair in the tub. My sister installed a new shower head that you hold in your hand. Everything came together quite nicely, but I can’t wash my backside just yet. My aide did that for me. I’ve lost all sense of modesty and parade around naked as if I’m fully clothed. Weird, huh?

This is not the end of my heart story, but I wonder if it helps to write about it the way I did when I was going through chemo. It helps to put words on “paper,” so to speak, but the truth is that I don’t have the energy to write much of anything.

We shall see.

To be continued …


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