a deep crimson
silk scarf
covers her eyes
black silk scarves
tie her wrists
to mahogany bedposts
gold silk scarves
wrap around her ankles
pulled tight against the wood
she cannot see him
her face on the pillow
turned to one side
a satin sheet
loosely covers
her naked body
she smells the scent
of vanilla candles
he lit to see his way
her auburn hair
falls softly
on the pillow
pale skin
against the dark color
she wants him
he knows this
she will wait
his breath
against her neck
his lips
to her ear

“Later, my Pet …”

© Catherine Evermore. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Silk”

  1. Have read, and deeply enjoyed, this several times on other sites. Have also commented at length on those sites. So here, will be more concise: you had me at “a deep crimson”…

    1. One of the nice things about owning my own website is that I can re-post my old blogs, and hopefully create some new blogs, and no one can tell me what is and isn’t acceptable. Right now, I seem to be in an “old blogs” phase but that might change very soon.

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