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Earlier today, I said “goodbye” to Twitter for the last time. No one replies to anything you post, and most people just want to piss and moan about everything. I found myself pissing and moaning right along with them, but today was it for me.

I said “goodbye” to Facebook a while back. Facebook was getting in my face about what I should buy, who I might want to call a “friend,” and all kinds of other things that were just too annoying for me to try and make it work.

Now there is nothing and no where to go. I miss Multiply and Y360. Those were the fun days. Those were the sites where you could make friends with real people and stay friends. I have two or three friends from Y360 and Multiply that I still stay in touch with but that’s about it.

So … there’s not much more to write about today. I’m hunting around for something new that probably doesn’t exist.


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Lazy Afternoon by Jackie Allen

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