Jen Psaki

According to Jen Psaki, that miserable, lying loon who is Birdbrain Biden’s press secretary: “Twelve people produce 65% of the misinformation on Facebook.”

Hey, Jen! Guess what, you miserable piece of crap?

The government can’t suppress free speech, and the government can’t ask a private company (Facebook always claims to be a private company) to suppress free speech on behalf of the government.

My position is this: If I share an experience on Facebook or Twitter or my own personal blog, I am telling people what I experienced. If I tell you that after taking the COVID shot I had flu-like symptoms for nearly three days, I’m telling you the truth about my experience. That is NOT misinformation.

Our government, under the so-called leadership of Jackass Joe, has gone totally batshit crazy.

I’m done … for now.

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