My Life Is a Hot Mess

Where to begin …

I’ve always been a well-organized person. Everything had a place, and everything was either in its place or returned to its place. Things of great importance were written down in a notebook. I knew where to go to find what I needed.

Before retirement, I was unbelievably well-organized at work. Just ask the people I worked with and they will tell you it’s true. It was a gift way back when I was an organized person.

Today, not so much. Nothing is where it should be, and I’m driving myself nuts trying to remember where I put whatever I’m looking for at any given moment.

Today, it’s all about passwords. Some I’ve changed and wrote down in my notebook, while others are floating around in my disorganized memory bank.

See what I mean? A hot mess!

My “To Do” list is around here somewhere. I have an appointment book with yellow tabs to remind me of important medical appointments (of which there are far too many). The problem is that I don’t always flip the page to a new date.

See what I mean? A hot mess!

I wonder if there is an online support group for people who were once well-organized, and … well, you know the rest.

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