Sieg Heil, Jen Psaki

According to Jen Psaki, that miserable, lying loon who is Birdbrain Biden’s press secretary: “Twelve people produce 65% of the misinformation on Facebook.”

Hey, Jen! Guess what, you miserable piece of crap?

The government can’t suppress free speech, and the government can’t ask a private company (Facebook always claims to be a private company) to suppress free speech on behalf of the government.

My position is this: If I share an experience on Facebook or Twitter or my own personal blog, I am telling people what I experienced. If I tell you that after taking the COVID shot I had flu-like symptoms for nearly three days, I’m telling you the truth about my experience. That is NOT misinformation.

Our government, under the so-called leadership of Jackass Joe, has gone totally batshit crazy.

From Birdbrain’s lips to our ears …

Hand to God, I can’t stand the bastard and that son of his who is nothing more than a drug addict, alcoholic, porn addict, liar, Parmesan cheese smoking cocaine head who demeans women and pimps for the Biden crime family while making millions in China and the Ukraine. Plus, his artwork sucks!

I’m done … for now.

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