Texas Election Integrity Bill

First of all, I’ve seen the photos of the legislators from Texas fleeing to Washington, DC, on a private jet and not one of them is wearing a mask. When they return to Texas, they all are going to be arrested. Good. Put them away until the election in 2022.

Second of all, listening to the most annoying voice praise these traitors gives me nightmares. I’m talking about Kamala Harris, the most condescending bitch in politics. No way will I ever refer to her as VP. She’s not my VP.

So, I decided to  take eight screen shots from Sean Hannity’s show last night, and each one explains what the Texas Election Integrity Bill will accomplish. What, exactly, the runaway traitors from Texas are opposed to fails to register with me. I suspect they all are socialists who probably need to be voted out of office after they serve their time in jail.

Here you go … ~ce

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