Winter Olympics

I have very strong feelings about the USA participating in the 2022 Winter Olympics that will be held in Communist China. Here’s why:

  • Communist China infected the world with COVID.
  • Communist China decimated economies all over the world because of COVID.
  • The world is sending athletes to Communist China to participate in the Winter Olympics.

This does not make sense to me.

The USA is boycotting the Winter Olympics by not sending political diplomats to Communist China. BFD.

Now, Australia is following in our footsteps. Australia, the country that has COVID camps for citizens. Australia, the country I no longer respect.

As for our athletes going to Communist China, if any of them are serious about human rights then they should stay at home.

The world should boycott the Winter Olympics in Communist China.

That’s all I have to say … Catherine

2 thoughts on “Winter Olympics”

    1. I hear you, Rusty. What I don’t understand is why any country could possibly think that not sending diplomats matters one bit to Communist China. The best solution is to not send anyone, and that includes all athletes.

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