I Took the Shot and the Shot Won – Part Two

Just my luck!

Three weeks ago, I was vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. Today, I am still not myself.

Today, the vaccine has been put on “pause” because six women developed blood clots; one died and one is in serious condition.

I have headaches each day, fog-brain, upset tummy, severe lack of energy, and an overall feeling of not feeling well.

Should I blame the vaccine or should I blame a bad heart and getting older each day?

I don’t know but I will ask my doctor this week when I see him for a routine cardio visit.

In the meantime, I’m still wearing a mask when I go out (which is rare these days), plastic gloves, and I’m keeping my distance.

It’s surprising how many people are not wearing masks in stores even though stores have signs posted to wear masks.

I give up!




I Took the Shot and the Shot Won

A couple of days ago, I got a COVID vaccine shot. It was the Johnson & Johnson one shot and you’re done version.

Today, I’m sick as a dog.

How long will this last?

Some people have said 12 hours (we are long past 12 hours).

Others have said 24 hours (we are long past 24 hours).

I passed the 48 hour rule wondering if I made a huge mistake by getting the vaccine shot in the first place.

My history with shots has not been all that good. In fact, I’ve not had a flu shot in close to 30 years because the last time I had a flu shot I ended up at the ER with pneumonia.

My sibling says I’m “fragile.” I say this is just how God made me.

So, today I’m going to try and stay awake until a nap is needed. Maybe I’m over the hump; maybe not. Time will tell.