Twitter and Hard Core Porn

I posted something yesterday that I later deleted. The photos to support my post were just too graphic, even for me.

The point of the post was this: Twitter bans conservatives from their site, but Twitter allows hard core porn videos to be posted by members promoting porn.

I’m taking Twitter to task on this issue.

This morning, I found one more hard core porn video and took screen shots. Should Twitter email me, I am going to send them these photos as proof of what they allow on their site.

Keep in mind that children are on Twitter. Children can see these hard core porn videos.

Maybe I should send everything to my representatives in Congress. Maybe it’s time for them to see what Twitter allows on their site.

I’m done … ~CE


Imagine, If You Can

You are a Republican.

You are a state legislator.

You and your fellow Republicans don’t want to vote on a bill before your state legislature.

What do you do?

You and all other Republicans get on a private plane, fly to Washington, DC, celebrate with a case of beer, meet with people on the Hill (including the VP), post selfies on the plane where not one single person is wearing a mask, blah blah blah.

But wait! There is more!

Five of you come down with COVID.

Imagine that scenario as Republicans.

But wait! There is more!

This is a true story about Democrats from Texas.

This is a true story that the fake news media doesn’t want to report.

If this were a true story about Republicans, the fake news media would be all over it 24/7.

Right? You betcha and it’s sickening.

© Catherine Evermore. All rights reserved.

Sieg Heil, Jen Psaki

According to Jen Psaki, that miserable, lying loon who is Birdbrain Biden’s press secretary: “Twelve people produce 65% of the misinformation on Facebook.”

Hey, Jen! Guess what, you miserable piece of crap?

The government can’t suppress free speech, and the government can’t ask a private company (Facebook always claims to be a private company) to suppress free speech on behalf of the government.

My position is this: If I share an experience on Facebook or Twitter or my own personal blog, I am telling people what I experienced. If I tell you that after taking the COVID shot I had flu-like symptoms for nearly three days, I’m telling you the truth about my experience. That is NOT misinformation.

Our government, under the so-called leadership of Jackass Joe, has gone totally batshit crazy.

From Birdbrain’s lips to our ears …

Hand to God, I can’t stand the bastard and that son of his who is nothing more than a drug addict, alcoholic, porn addict, liar, Parmesan cheese smoking cocaine head who demeans women and pimps for the Biden crime family while making millions in China and the Ukraine. Plus, his artwork sucks!

I’m done … for now.

© Catherine Evermore. All rights reserved.