Presidents Day

On Presidents Day, our president is in Ukraine giving away more American dollars to Zelensky. When will this end?

It took Joe Biden two years to visit our southern border. You know, the border that Joe Biden opened to the world. The border that has seen Fentanyl flood our country, killing our citizens.

Joe Biden has yet to visit East Palestine, Ohio. You know, the town where the toxic train derailment occurred, and the town that will never be able to sell off their land and homes because of the contamination.

President Trump will visit East Palestine, Ohio this coming Wednesday.

But, that miserably jackass the Democrats put in the White House, Joe Biden, has all the time in his miserable life to visit another country but not the citizens of East Palestine, Ohio.

Hand to God, if Joe Biden isn’t stopped … impeachment comes to mind … then I fear we are lost as a nation. It hurts to feel this way but let’s face it: Joe Biden has been a total failure as president and he is destroying the United States of America.

Have a nice day … Catherine

2 thoughts on “Presidents Day”

    1. He thinks he is relevant. He thinks he is doing a great job. He is not. Joe Biden is the worst president ever. He has to be impeached while the GOP has the House, and he has to be defeated in 2024.

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