The Women of the Internet

We are the women of the Internet. We come in all shapes and sizes; different ages and backgrounds; different races and religions; and varying degrees of education. We are daughters and sisters; wives and mothers; lovers, aunts, and grandmothers.

We work at home taking care of our families, and we work outside the home juggling jobs and home responsibilities. We are retired or we are looking for employment. We are unique in our own quirky ways.

The common denominator for us all is that we were brought together by the Internet. Some of us have met in person; some plan to meet in the future; and some will never meet. We have chatted on blogs, in PM boxes, sent text messages and emails, and sometimes we chat on the phone.

We have been supportive and loving; jealous and bitchy; and comforting and caring. Let’s face it, we all have gossiped and enjoyed a bit of drama now and then.

I often wonder what it would be like to get together with the women we know from the Internet, all at one time, at a luncheon or a dinner party or a spa for the weekend, and I wonder how we would treat each other. I would like to believe that we would get along really well, and we would treat each other with dignity and respect.

After all, we would be meeting for the very first time, allowing others to invade our three feet of comfort space, talking and laughing and crying … having a wonderful time getting to know each other up close and personal.

There is something to be said for the women of the Internet … good, bad, or indifferent … we are special.

© Catherine Evermore. All rights reserved.