Television Is Boring

Seriously, TV shows are boring me to death. The news shows are all about social injustice, cancel culture, BLM, we hate Republicans, Donald Trump sucks, Biden is wonderful (NO! He’s not!) … the list goes on and on.

I’m watching “The Closer” series for the third time on Prime. When “Bosch” comes back this summer, I will binge watch every single episode from day one before watching the new season.

As the TV cancellation list is made available, I see that one of my favorite shows has been canceled. Why? I suspect it’s because the writing sucks!

Writers today (of which I am not one) are all over the map. I watched one show that had at least five different scenarios going on at the same time. Please. Give me maybe two things to concentrate on and you’ve got me as a fan. Five or six? Forget about it.

The news isn’t much better. I watch local news for the weather report. For weeks now, local news has been all about COVID and the renaming of local schools (my alma mater is being attacked). It seems that students who attend schools name for Confederate generals are unhappy. Forget the fact that these schools have been around since the 1920’s.

In a way, I understand how they feel; however, changing the name of a school won’t guarantee that the students aren’t going to be just as stupid tomorrow as they are today. It’s more of the cancel culture thing that drives me nuts!

Back to TV … mine is free TV as I refuse to pay anyone to bring me hundreds of stations that I will never watch. Free TV gives me 20-30 stations that I’m basically ignoring anyway, so what’s the point.


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2 thoughts on “Television Is Boring”

  1. I don’t think I watch more than a half hour a month anymore. I grew weary of the hyperventilating … but if there is a volcano or a loose tiger afoot, I’ll flip it on …

    1. We are approaching hurricane season. Maybe I will pay attention to the weather reports that interrupt normal programming to let us know it’s raining.

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