Crime Survivor and Violence

I am the survivor of a violent crime that put three men in our state prison for a very long time. Family and friends know about it, and I’ve shared the circumstances online a few times.

This is not about that … this is about violence, in general.

I abhor it. Whether it is personal or political, and regardless of my personal feelings about a person or a group of people, acts of violence are something I never have participated in and never will.

It’s one thing to peacefully protest, but when people are hurt and property is destroyed, it’s no longer about protesting but more about hurting others in horrible, devastating ways.

You might have thoughts about particular individuals and what you would like to see done to them. That’s normal. Right?

Sometimes, especially online where all kinds of eyes can see what your say, it’s best to stay silent or be less expressive. No one wants the FBI knocking on their door. Right?

Let’s all be as safe as possible during this very difficult time in our lives.

As my sweetheart used to say: “Don’t make eye contact.”

Be safe. Vote. Avoid aggressive people. Go home to your loved ones.

See you after Election Day! ~ce

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