Today is Friday, May 27, 2022.

As the old saying goes: “My get up and go has  got up and went,” or something like that.

I’ve been busy closing out accounts with social media sites (there weren’t many) with one exception.

I posted something earlier today that had to do with my father, and someone on Twitter just had to correct me.

What did I do?

I deleted everything and blocked him simply because I just didn’t want to get into a BS discussion with a stranger about something that involved Dad.


Dad was a patriot and he fought for our country not once but twice. Mom stayed at home with the kiddos while Dad served our country. We had a good life, and our parents instilled in us a love for our country – the United States of America.

The American flag was flown each day in front of our house. Even as Dad approached his later years, the flag was always there to remind anyone passing by that America was part of the family home.

As Memorial Day weekend approaches, this comes to mind:

Well done, good and faithful servant …

Father (Deceased) – Navy Pilot – WWII and Korea
Uncle (Deceased) – Navy Pilot – WWII
Uncle (Deceased) – Army Officer – WWII
Brother (Deceased) – Army Enlisted – Vietnam
Fiancé (Deceased) – Army Enlisted – Vietnam

Peace … ~CE

by Kenny Werner

2 thoughts on “Weary”

    1. It’s rude to confront someone when they are making a statement about a family member even if you think they have made a mistake about a description. Sometimes it’s better to just shut up and let it go.

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