Florida Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

This is Florida. This is hurricane season.

I’ve lived this life for nearly my entire life.

As we wait for updates about Elsa, predicted to hit this area on Wednesday, I’m remembering 2004.

That was the year we were hit by two hurricanes and two tropical storms. There wasn’t one place in the entire state of Florida that didn’t get pounced on that year.

It was during a tropical storm and a hurricane that my father passed away.

A tree fell on Dad’s house shortly after he had passed away. It took out the power and phone lines.

Dad’s passing took the life out of our family.

Had it not been for the kindness of friends and a few strangers, I don’t know how we would have survived that year.

As we entered September, more storms hit Florida. It seemed never-ending.

Today, I worry about flooding. The river has been known to rise so high that it spills over into the streets and neighborhoods. I’ve seen it. I’ve heard about neighbors being rescued by boat just a few blocks over.

God help us all. God protect us all.

P.S. The good news is that I got to cancel my dreaded doctor’s appointment set for tomorrow.

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