It’s Me Again

I suspect that someone will ask the same question that they have asked before: “Why are you on Twitter?”

Well … I’m a political junkie and I’m addicted to Twitter. I don’t drink or smoke, so you might say that Twitter is my drug of choice even when it makes me want to bang my head against the wall.

There are some really nice people on Twitter, but every now and then you run up against someone like Brittany while having a discussion about student loan debt forgiveness.

If I could have reached through the monitor and snatched this woman bald-headed, I would have done it.

Brittany is comparing my chemo treatments to her student loan debt. My health insurance that I pay for paid for my treatments. But, she thinks that if someone gets chemo for cancer that it should be justification enough for her to get her student loan debt forgiven.

Hand to God, Brittany might just take the cake for being the dumbest twit on Twitter that I have ever seen.

That’s it. I’m done. Brittany is now blocked.

Love … Catherine

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