Imagine, If You Can

You are a Republican.

You are a state legislator.

You and your fellow Republicans don’t want to vote on a bill before your state legislature.

What do you do?

You and all other Republicans get on a private plane, fly to Washington, DC, celebrate with a case of beer, meet with people on the Hill (including the VP), post selfies on the plane where not one single person is wearing a mask, blah blah blah.

But wait! There is more!

Five of you come down with COVID.

Imagine that scenario as Republicans.

But wait! There is more!

This is a true story about Democrats from Texas.

This is a true story that the fake news media doesn’t want to report.

If this were a true story about Republicans, the fake news media would be all over it 24/7.

Right? You betcha and it’s sickening.

© Catherine Evermore. All rights reserved.

Texas Democrats

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