Broken Hearts

Each time I read about one of our servicemen killed in Afghanistan this week, I cry all over again.

I can’t imagine the agony their families are going through … their sorrow and their pain.

None of this had to happen. No one should have lost their life. No one should have been hurt.

I blame Joe Biden and his generals. They are the ones with blood on their hands, and in my humble opinion, every last one of them should be forced to resign.

In seven months, Joe Biden has caused more damage to our country and the lives of Americans than any president in history (except for Jimmy Carter).

I know this sounds harsh, but there are nights when I go to bed that I pray Joe Biden will be gone come morning. That’s a terrible thing to say, but it’s true.

People say Kamala Harris would be much worse. How does it get any worse than 13 American flag-draped coffins and numerous servicemen in hospitals right now. That’s not a question.

Come 2022, the Republicans will have a chance to regain Congress. They better not screw it up. This could be our last chance to save America before the demise of America as we know her.

God help us all.

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2 thoughts on “Broken Hearts”

    1. I wonder if they even see it that way. Their arrogance is stunning, and Biden wants to blame Trump. Biden had the opportunity to make changes to the departure of troops – to follow the advice of the Intelligence community (there’s an oxymoron) – but Biden did what Biden wanted to do, and Biden created a monumental crisis. He can burn in Hell for all I care.

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