“X” Marks the Spot and a Song About Florida

Prior to visiting Canada, I had to get a passport. There were forms to fill out and a photo to be taken to go on my passport. A fee was paid and off I went with my new passport that would be good for 10 years. Then, off I went to Canada to spend time with my Canadian sweetheart.

The passport is about to expire and so am I. Will I renew it? Nope. Travel is not in my future.

Which brings me to Joe Biden and this:

“The Biden administration soon will allow people to indicate their gender as “X” on U.S. passports. Until now, non-binary, intersex and gender non-conforming people had to choose male or female.”

Question: Suppose a person is on a flight and they have a passport with an “X” on it, and suppose this person commits a crime and law enforcement is looking for this person. How will law enforcement describe the person?

Law Enforcement: We are on the lookout for a person with an “X” on their passport, so we can’t identify them as a man or a woman but they committed a crime.

Me: How will I know what they look like?

Law Enforcement: I can’t tell you that, Catherine. Just do your best.

See what I mean? Joe Biden has taken our country to a new low.


My new favorite song is “Sweet Florida” recorded by the Van Zant brothers.  I love the song and I love Florida!

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