From Domestic Goddess to Domestic Terrorist

I’m a senior citizen. I come from an age group that invented protests even if I never actually protested or burned my bra or destroyed any property. I was more of a volunteer working for peaceful political campaigns.

As a senior, I’ve been called many things in my life, but I’ve never been called a “domestic terrorist” until now.

It seems that if you are one of the millions of people who don’t want to take the shot, the “woke” people and the liars on mainstream media like to call you a terrorist.

Silly me. I thought that label was reserved for those who actually perform acts of terrorism. You know … they burn down buildings, hijack airplanes, set off bombs, kill people, destroy property … kill people, again.

Nope. Apparently that is no longer true.

Now then, I have taken one shot. The J&J one and done shot. I have no plans to take a booster shot.

Does that still make me a terrorist or maybe 1/2 of a terrorist?

I’m clueless which is something I’ve become accustomed to as I’ve gotten much older.

In all honesty, the pointless, harmful, crazy name-calling needs to stop. It’s scaring people and someone is going to get hurt. That someone might be me when I wear my “Trump 2024” tee-shirt to Target.

Peace out, brothers and sisters!

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