Numb to the News

Do you ever feel numb to the news? I do and then I get pissed off because everyone else appears to be numb to the news, and I just want them to WAKE UP and see the truth.

Speaking of the truth. Do you ever wonder if the fact checkers are liars? I do and then I get pissed off because the fact checkers are liars.

Remember when politicians were getting political contributions from people who believed the Russia hoax? I do. Do you suppose they should return the money that was donated based on a lie? I do.

Isn’t that just as bad as someone using Go Fund Me to get money based on a lie? Hell yes!

I hope this country has a huge wake-up call to what is really going on and how the liberals are hell-bent on taking down America. If we screw it up in November 2022, we are screwed for life.

Speaking of life, I might not be around to see the country I love fall to socialism, but I’m going to fight like hell to prevent it from happening.

“Did you say fight?”

Well, yes, kinda. I can still us my blog to voice my opinions. Right?

The truth is that I don’t trust the government.

I don’t trust the liberals.

I don’t trust the fact checkers.

I don’t trust the media.

Most of the time I don’t trust some of the Republicans.

“Who do you trust?”

Me. Me. Me. OK, my family (sometimes).

To wrap this up, I know my time on this good earth is limited, but I don’t want to leave knowing the country I love was destroyed by a group of people who were haters and racists and bigots and liars … you know, people who hate America and won’t leave – Democrats!

I’m done, for now.


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The Times They Are A Changin’
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