Where Have All The Cowboys Gone

Apparently, if you live in Texas, the border patrol agents on horseback are going to be investigated for using long reins to control their horses.

If you are a screaming liberal like Maxine Waters or Joy Reid, you are accusing them of whipping illegals coming to this country from Haiti.

Give me a break!

Those two harpies have never been on a horse, much less know a thing about how to control a horse with reins. Someone should control their disgusting, filthy mouths that spout hate for all conservatives. Truly, they are about as dumb as a rock.

In all honesty, I don’t know why these agents stay in their jobs. If it were me, I would be taking early retirement and telling Joe Biden to take his border crisis and move it to Delaware.

Joe Biden is the worst president ever. Hand to God, the man is an idiot.

As for these agents and all law enforcement, they have my full support. Unlike the harpies on the left, I actually appreciate what they do in the name of law and order.

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Where Have All The Cowboys Gone
by Paula Cole

2 thoughts on “Where Have All The Cowboys Gone”

  1. The cowboys are still here, thought they keep getting pushed out by liberal pelicans who fled their fouled nests, and moved to Texas only to make their new nest just as foul as the old one.

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