Making Peace With the Past

there is a space in her soul
a space that cannot be seen and
it cannot be measured and
it cannot be described
simply because there are
no words to explain how it feels
there is an emptiness in her life
for opportunities missed and decisions made
the basic desperation for survival
a lack of knowledge
a thirst to know more
and the fear of forgetting everything
there comes a time when peace
must be made with a mind that said “turn left”
and a heart that insisted on “staying the course”
for the mind and the heart
have a way of sabotaging common sense
while leading each other to self-destruction
this is the time to let it all go
and make peace with the past
decisions … decisions
good and bad, twisted and straight
black and white, left and right
only forgiveness can cleanse the soul

© Catherine Evermore. All rights reserved.

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