I Took the Shot and the Shot Won

A couple of days ago, I got a COVID vaccine shot. It was the Johnson & Johnson one shot and you’re done version.

Today, I’m sick as a dog.

How long will this last?

Some people have said 12 hours (we are long past 12 hours).

Others have said 24 hours (we are long past 24 hours).

I passed the 48 hour rule wondering if I made a huge mistake by getting the vaccine shot in the first place.

My history with shots has not been all that good. In fact, I’ve not had a flu shot in close to 30 years because the last time I had a flu shot I ended up at the ER with pneumonia.

My sibling says I’m “fragile.” I say this is just how God made me.

So, today I’m going to try and stay awake until a nap is needed. Maybe I’m over the hump; maybe not. Time will tell.


2 thoughts on “I Took the Shot and the Shot Won”

    1. Be brave, Rusty, and be prepared to stay in bed for at least a day. I really didn’t want to take the shot, but my cardiologist (who saw far too many people die from COVID) encouraged me to take it knowing there could be side effects.

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