Guess Who Was Quoted on Breitbart News

Earlier today, I posted the following on Twitter:

This afternoon, I was reading the headlines on Breitbart News (something I do each morning and evening), when this story caught my eye:

Amy Klobuchar Mocked After Implying that Democrat Policies Could Help Prevent Hurricanes

And, there it was – my Twitter comment on Breitbart News!

“Sen. Amy Klobuchar bizarrely suggests that voting for Democrats in 2022 will somehow stop hurricanes,” Tea Party Patriots observed as others chimed in:
“Hurricanes or democrats, what’s more destructive?” one user inquired.

“Amy Klobuchar is the woman who ate her salad with a comb so don’t be surprised that she thinks Dems can stop hurricanes,” another remarked.

“Wow very weird!” another user exclaimed. “Taking credit for controlling the weather! Wow!!”

“If you vote for democrats, Florida will not get hit by this hurricane,” another mocked as one added, “Vote for me and I’ll change the weather.”
Klobuchar’s remark comes as Florida braces for Hurricane Ian, which is expected to make landfall on the state’s west coast this week.

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