How very lovely that Joe Biden is able to take another vacation. That seems to be his job these days … one or two days at work then off for another vaca!

I’ve not had a vacation since my trip to Canada a few years back. Well, you could say that being retired is a daily vacation, but it’s really not.

While on my retirement “vacation,” I’ve had cancer, lived through six months of chemo (worst experience ever), survived open heart surgery and months of rehab, stayed inside through nearly two years of the COVID crisis, and today my health prevents me from driving as much as I would like to drive not that I can afford to gas up the old car more than I would like.

The high cost of gas, airplane tickets, hotels, food, etc. pretty much puts an end to any vacation plans I might have had, but that’s okay. I’m happy staying at home … most days.

However, God forbid anything should stop old Joe from taking another vacation while the country burns down around his shuffling feet.

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by Patty Griffin

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