Big Sigh

Today is the last day of summer. Thank God.

So far, we have been spared a hurricane. Thank God, again.

I’m bored to tears. Joe Biden is giving a speech at the UN General Assembly, and I suspect those in attendance are bored to tears, too. I can’t bring myself to watch that jackass make a fool of himself.

Speaking of Jackass Joe, have you seen our southern border? It’s totally and completely out of control, but Joe and Kamala couldn’t care less. Those two deserve each other; however, America doesn’t deserve either one.

There are people I miss, and people I wish I had gotten to know. There are other people I will never miss, and people I wish I had never gotten to know.

My to-do list keeps growing and my I-don’t-feel-like-it list is getting even longer. Where is the ambition? Where is the drive?

I keep telling myself that today is the day, or maybe tomorrow will be the day, but the day after tomorrow will most certainly be the day. Day to do what?

Oh, I just remembered one more thing. Biden wants seniors to be test dummies for the vaccine booster shot. Hell no, Joe! I took one shot that made me sick for nearly three days, so I’m not going there again.

Okay, I’m done. Hope whoever you are that you have a good week.

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