Veterans Day in America

big ones and small ones

short ones and tall ones

veterans come in all

shapes and sizes

we call them heroes

for many different reasons

i remember

sitting by the side of the road

watching a parade go by

honoring those

who served our country

so proud and brave

remembering the heroes

who did not return

respect was always paid

as the crowd

went silent

flags waving

then people cheering

bands and cheerleaders all in step

little did we know

way back then

that some would grow up to be


in so many different ways

some would go off to wars

in foreign countries

some would serve here

at home

never knowing

from one day to the next

when they would be called upon

to perform

a heroic duty

we see veterans every day of our lives

not everyone gets a parade

but that does not make them

any less appreciated

Welcome Home

Good and Faithful Veterans


Thank You

© Catherine Evermore. All rights reserved.

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