The Dream

you’ve not come to me
for such a long time
yet today while
i slept peacefully
there you were
there we were
arms wrapped around
each other waists
walking in a town square
a peaceful and quite
town square
the sky was blue
the air was fresh
it began to feel chilly
as we entered a house
for shelter
you asked me
to write you a note
i looked for paper and a pen
but none was to be found
so my love
upon waking from
a deep sleep
i tried my best
to remember you
as you appeared
in my dream
what i can tell you
is that the love
i always felt for you
was even stronger
i miss you
more today than
i ever thought possible
three years ago
when you left
this good earth

© Catherine Evermore. All rights reserved.

I Had A Dream
from Les Misérables

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