Two for the Price of One Tuesday

Please tell me how this makes sense. The tallest person in this photo has been nominated for the NCAA Woman of the Year award. That person has a penis (just sayin’).

Moving on …

I’m not going to post photos of killers with tattoos all over their faces, but I do have a question. If you are a tattoo artist and someone comes to your place of business to get tattoos on their face, should you have an obligation to notify the authorities that the person just might be MENTALLY UNBALANCED? Can you refuse service?

In this day and age when we are encouraged to “See Something, Say Something” shouldn’t someone say something to the authorities just in case the fruitcake with the tattoos all over his or her face decides to go on a shooting spree? If that were to happen, could the tattoo artist be held responsible if they didn’t notify authorities?

Personally, if I see such a person I am hobbling the other way.

That’s all I have to say … for now.



5 thoughts on “Two for the Price of One Tuesday”

  1. Over the years, I have considered a tattoo. I’ve never had one as I loathe needles and I sure as hell would never tattoo my face. That reminds me of prison gangs.

    I have had many henna tattoos but, they don’t last long.

    In some regards, tattoos are just a form of expression, much like painting murals on buildings or this:

    I do see mental issues with those that have all over tattoos. They must like getting “jabbed.” 💉💉💉

    1. Your video is beautiful and thank you for sharing the link.

      As for body tattoos, I don’t have anything against them in general. However, covering a face sends a message (to me) that the person is not mentally balanced and they probably hate the way they look.

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