Our NFL Team

Let me preface this post by saying that I’m just a cranky old lady who has opinions, and who isn’t afraid to express them.

This brings me to football.

A few years ago, our local NFL team went to London and while there, in the stadium full of thousands of fans and on TV, our team took a knee during our ‘National Anthem’ but they stood up for ‘God Save the Queen.’

I was furious. I called the local team’s office to express my feelings. I called the mayor’s office to really express my feelings. Then, I stopped watching NFL football until this year.

Why this year? Our new quarterback is someone I really admire. We need him to help our failing team. He’s fresh out of college so this is his first year with the team. He was the NFL’s number one draft pick.

We also got a new head coach. I like him, as well. He’s new to the NFL after winning three college national championships.

Well, to put it mildly, our team still sucks. They have won just two games this year. Why?

If you ask some of the pampered players, it’s the fault of the new head coach.

No! It’s not!

It’s the fault of the players – the same players who just had to put their social justice mottoes on the back of their helmets. I hate this. It looks stupid.

The players are being paid to play the game. Some look like they actually care about the game, while others look like a bunch of reindeer prancing around on the field.

Hand to God, I could do a better job. OK. Maybe not, but …

Now, there are rumors that leaks are coming from inside the organization – that players or maybe coaches are leaking sensitive information. The new head coach has stated that anyone leaking information will be fired.

Something else comes to mind. Sabotage but maybe I won’t go there right now.

My advice to some players: You are being paid to play football. If you can’t do your one job then quit. Stop whining all the time. It makes you look weak.

Also, I’m starting to question if part of the problem lies with the owner rather than the head coach. We’ve had a few head coaches, and the revolving door is making the team look really stupid. It’s making the city look even more stupid.

Then again, what do I know. I’m just a cranky old lady with opinions.

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