Cyber Court Is Just A Myth

Yesterday, while having a cyber conversation with my computer, it seemed like the appropriate time to clean out a few blogs. I’ve been hanging on to them for evidence just in case we end up in cyber court.

The truth of the matter is that some files are no longer necessary and a few files have been stored elsewhere.

“Did she say cyber court?”

“Silly computer, there is no such thing as cyber court.”

However, I did a massive purge of blogs, blogs with comments, links to hate-fest blogs, etc. Let’s just call it a computer high colonic and leave it at that.

No doubt, the online holier than thou bullies have saved everything said or done all in the name of being assholes, but that’s OK with me.

You see, I no longer care. My computer no longer cares. Life no longer cares.

Now, I have time to write letters to the banes of my existence – aka the HOA, AT&T, Medicare, and Congress – while looking for a new place to live (maybe).

“Simmer down, computer, simmer down. I will be taking you with me.”

“Thank you, Cath. I would be very sad if you dismantled me, smashed my hard drive, and buried me in some dumpster on the other side of town.”

As if that would ever happen … 😎

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