The Big Flush

This story is just too good to not copy/paste a paragraph or two or maybe three.

Sadly, the photos in question were not part of the story. I’m so disappointed.

I especially like the “it’s not clear” part.  (Insert a facepalm.)

The article is from Breitbart so here goes … reported Monday that photos exist of ripped-up notes allegedly found in a White House toilet that staff believed were disposed of by then-President Donald Trump.

The photos, if authenticated, would help to corroborate earlier claims that Trump disposed of White House documents in unconventional ways, raising questions about whether he violated federal laws on the preservation of government documents.

However, it is not clear if Trump himself flushed the notes. It is also not clear if the toilet is actually in the White House, or who would have used the president’s private lavatory. It is also not clear if the notes are official documents or personal ones. In fact, little is known beyond the existence of the photos.

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