Kentucky Derby

My sweetheart and I used to watch the Kentucky Derby each year, and we always had lots to say about the ladies hats, the colorful jackets worn by some of the men, and we always had comments to make about the horses.

Oh! The beautiful horses.

I made my pick based on how they looked parading down the track, while he knew about betting odds and usually picked a winner.

We had fun making up comments that the companion horses might have said to each other. They sometimes had pretty colorful ribbons braided in their manes or tails. I could just hear a companion flirting with the race horse: “Hey good looking. Wanna go to the Oats Bar after the race?”

Something like that, if you get my drift.

So, reading Breitbart on Sunday, I got a good chuckle out of this story:

Rich Strike Wins Kentucky Derby, Then Tries to Bite Another Horse

Talk about gratitude!

I miss my sweetie. He passed away nearly four years ago. If he was looking down from heaven on Saturday, I hope he saw the race. He’s always in my heart, thoughts, and prayers … especially on Kentucky Derby day.

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