Womxn and Girl Power

For starters, I don’t care that Michelle Obama spells the word woman with an “x” as in womxn. To me, that is a sign of pure stupidity, but let’s move on …

Through the ages, I have never felt the need to protest for women’s rights. Maybe that’s because I feel confident about my rights, and I don’t feel the need to yell them from the streets of Downtown, USA.

But, that’s just me.

Recently, women have taken to the streets in protest of a leak from the Supreme Court regarding a decision about abortion rights. Given that the Supreme Court does not make any of our laws, people are still in an uproar at the thought of the abortion issue going to all 50 states where American citizens will get to vote as to how they want their state to move forward.

How dare the Supreme Court assume that voters have the right to vote on such an important issue!

My God, has the world come to an end?

Now, people are predicting that this will be another summer of destruction. Remember 2020? Remember the CNN reporter saying the protest he was reporting on was mostly peaceful while a city burned behind him? Hot red flames shooting up into the black sky and that bozo said “mostly peaceful.” What was he smoking?

Speaking of violence …

If we do have another summer of destruction, I hope all law enforcement officers will arrest every single last one of the violent protesters, and the legal system will finally work by locking them up for a very long time.

You know … like the January 6 people have been locked up for over a year without due process.

That’s all I have to say for now.

Peace out, people!

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