While I Still Have Power …

At 8:45 a.m. the rain started. Elsa has arrived. Fortunately for us, we are not taking a direct hit, but we can expect flooding, high winds, and tornado warnings. I’ve been down this road many times before.

Two things are bothering me this morning: Joe Biden and the people who hate America.

My belief is that hating America should prevent anyone from getting elected to Congress. Period.

My belief is that hating America should prevent anyone from getting a place on the U.S. Olympics team. Period.

To anyone who hates America while representing America, let us give you a one-way pass to a third world country where you will not have the freedom you have in America. Period.

As for Joe Biden, his latest comments about sending people around the country to knock on doors in an attempt to vaccinate those who have not been vaccinated is something you would find in a third world country.

Joe Biden has lost touch with reality.

If anyone shows up at my door, I’m dialing 9-1-1.

Furthermore, this moronic idea of Joe’s leaves the door wide open for people pretending to be “government” employees as a way to gain access to your home. Well, maybe not you, but you know what I mean.

Again, show up at my door and I’m dialing 9-1-1. Your ass is going to jail.


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