Every now and then I get a spam comment. Sometimes it’s visible until I see it and zap it while other times Jetpack does the zapping for me.

Then there is Spam that some call food.

I tasted Spam decades ago. It didn’t take much tasting to realize it was awful and would never grace my dinner plate ever again.

Spam is making a comeback given the state of our economy thanks to the miserable jackass in the White House and the flaming liberal Congress that is out to destroy America.

Spam must be a hot commodity these days because there are stores in New York City that are locking up the cans so thieves can’t steal them.

Imagine that!

Spam is under lock and key so some lowlife criminal, who won’t be caught or charged, can’t steal it.

If I owned a small grocery store in NYC, and someone tried to steal from me, it would not end well. I would unlock a can of Spam and use it as a weapon against the thief. Then, I would pull out my badass gun and shoot the son of a bitch.

Problem solved.

Have a lovely weekend with the ones you love.

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Smoking Gun
by Robert Cray

4 thoughts on “Spam”

  1. Spam is one thing I don’t recall eating. I ate farm food at my maternal grandmother’s. My paternal grandparents were city-folk but, I don’t recall Spam. My grandmother was more into soups & country-style steak. My parents didn’t even eat it. My dad was more into tuna fish on crackers or sardines. My mom was a meatloaf queen.

    I have a can of Spam in my pantry…for Ken, if he wants it. I have no desire to eat the stuff.

    I’ve seen the pictures of the “boxed” Spam. NYC is a cesspool, anyway. Was there, once, in 1991…for about five or six hours. That was enough.

    1. The thought of ever trying Spam again … well, cancel that thought.

      Mom was a gourmet cook and Dad loved tuna casserole. As a family, we were rather “diverse” in our food choices.

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