Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

OK. I know that’s a lame title, but just stay with me for a minute.

Where to begin …

I did not watch the Oscars, but I watched the video of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock because of a joke that Chris Rock told about “GI Jane” (the movie) and Will Smith’s wife, Jada Smith. Clearly, Will Smith thought it was funny. You can see him laughing; Jada Smith, not so much.

Acting like an idiot husband who is in an open relationship with his wife (everyone knows about it), and married to a woman who has been very open about her hair condition (alopecia) since 2018, Will Smith goes up to Chris Rock on live TV and slaps him.

It doesn’t stop there. Will Smith goes back to his seat and yells at Chris Rock to keep his wife’s name out of his fucking mouth (said it twice).

My goodness. Such drama.

Later, Will Smith wins an award for Best Actor for “King Richard.” Silly me. I thought “King Richard” was about the King of England; however, it’s about the father of the Williams sisters (the tennis players). That’s how much I know about any movie today.

Back in the day, I went to the movies or rented a movie at least once  a week. But, I digress.

Hair. It’s just hair. Who cares if Jada Smith is bald?

I remember my bald days after going through six months of chemo. I had to wear a cap or a scarf when I went outside, but I never wore a wig. Most of the time, I didn’t wear anything on my bald head.

In other words, I owned it.

No one said a word to me. No one looked at me funny. I was sick with cancer, doing the best I could, and the world kept going on as usual.

So, the uproar over Jada Smith, Will Smith, and Chris Rock reminded me that these three twits weren’t sparring over cancer. They were upset about a silly joke.

As for Will Smith’s Oscar, I think the Academy should ask for it to be returned because this is what they said about the violence. Prove it, Academy.

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