Love Letters From the Past

Dear Love of My Life,

Today is your birthday. I did not forget.

Just the other day, I remembered one very special night when we danced in the moonlight out on that old wooden dock.

There was a chill in the air, so you slipped off your coat and put it around my bare shoulders. You gently pulled my hair out from under the collar, twisting it just a little.

The moon’s reflection on the water gave off just enough light for me to see your wonderful eyes and trace your lips with mine.

Do you remember that night? I will never forget it.

I am so very happy that I met you. You will stay in my heart, forever.

Dear Love of My Life,

You were always the smart one, in so many ways, and you never made me feel small or insignificant. You showed me a world I had never known before … a world through your eyes. Don’t blush, darling. It is true.

Late one afternoon in early spring, we drove to an island in Georgia and we got lost. Did you do that on purpose? I think you did.

We had dinner at a beautiful restaurant on the waterway. If the weather had been nicer we would have stayed outside, but it was very windy with threats of rain.

We dined for hours inside where we had a full view of the waterway and the ominous clouds. No one tried to rush us out the door.

Listening to you became one of my favorite things to do in this entire world. Did I tell you?

A year later, I visited the same restaurant in Georgia – alone this time. You were away flying the friendly skies.

I sat at the same table, and I ordered the same meal, and I looked out over the same waterway, and I thought about you.

© Catherine Evermore. All rights reserved.

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