These People Are Out of Control

  1. Pro-abortion rioters attempted to breach the Arizona capitol building in Phoenix while the Arizona Senate was in session.
  2. The Arizona Department of Public Safety issued the following statement: “Troopers deployed gas outside the Senate building after protesters attempted to break the glass. The crowd then moved to the Wesley Bolin Plaza where some monuments were vandalized. Gas was deployed again to disburse the crowd.”
  3. Capitol Police disperse protesters outside the Supreme Court.
  4. Protesters attack a pro-life woman in Seattle.
  5. Seattle Antifa attack pro-life female, tackle her to the ground and pepper spray her.
  6. Protesters break through a police line in Washington, DC.
  7. Traffic in Los Angeles forced to a standstill as pro-abortion protesters mobbed the freeway.
  8. Protesters in Tucson filled the streets before running into police as they tried to enter the highway.
  9. Riot helmets were spotted in New York City.
  10. Pro-abortion protesters clashed with pro-life protesters in Washington, DC
  11. Protesters in Reno blocked the streets chanting “Abort the Court!”
  12. Protesters chanted F*ck Fox News as they marched near the Fox News Headquarters in New York City.
  13. In Seattle, Antifa groups tried to shatter windows before they were confronted by security.
  14. Protesters clashed with Los Angeles police officers as they tried to move into a street.
  15. Protesters also pushed past police officers in DC to advance to the Supreme Court.
  16. Pro-abortion protesters taunted pro-life protesters in Dallas.
  17. In Los Angeles, thousands of protesters began to shut down the streets and even stormed the 101 Freeway, blocking traffic.
  18. Groups of people wearing masks, goggles, and all-black were spotted arriving at the Supreme Court at dusk, some of them holding black umbrellas.
  19. Antifa just arrived at SCOTUS
  20. An American flag was burned on the street in protest.
  21. In DC, the RiseUp4Abortion group began screaming “People in the streets work!” and “Where the f*ck has” voting got us?” and “We have to be in the streets!” prompting cheers from fellow protesters.
  22. The Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge in DC was closed earlier in the day after a protester scaled it to hoist a protest flag.
  23. The flag says “Don’t Tread On My Uterus.”
  24. In Detroit, protesters marched down the streets shouting, “Right to life your name’s a lie! You don’t care if people die!”
  25. In Milwaukee, pro-abortion protesters chanted “F*ck Joe Biden, according to a local reporter filming on the ground.
  26. In downtown Dallas, protesters closed down some of the streets voicing their hatred for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.
  27. “F*ck the constitution” protestors yell outside the Federal building in Dallas, TX.
  28. Others twerked on cars and in the streets to show their support for abortion.
  29. Dallas women TWERKING for abortions. WTF.
  30. “Shakin dat a** so we can kill our babies, proud to be a hoe and not to be a ladies.”
  31. Thousands of protesters also gathered outside the Federal Building in Seattle where Antifa black blocs were spotted in the crowd.

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