Lipstick Traces

He sat very still as I applied red lipstick to his soft lips. I wondered if he would laugh but he did not – maybe he was afraid to see himself wearing my color. Perhaps the anticipation made his heart race rather quickly, causing him to be silent.

We both enjoyed the lipstick traces as they made a map around necks and shoulders and lower backs and bellies and elbows and foreheads and backs of knees and tops of feet, back to lips meeting lips after the color had worn off completely.

© Catherine Evermore. All rights reserved.


Softly, gently as you sleep,
I place my hand upon your cheek.
Your skin is sweet and ever so fair,
My fingers lightly touch your hair.

It won’t be long my darling one,
Until you’re gone and I’m alone.
I love you now and always will,
My sweetest, dearest one of all.

I pray your dreams come true, my love,
You always give me hope for mine.
You are the blessing of my life,
The best of me is all of you.

© Catherine Evermore. All rights reserved.