A Moat, a Boat, and the Queen of Delete

“Come here, please, and help me float this boat.”

“You want to float that old wooden boat?”


“Where will you be floating your old wooden boat?”

“In the moat.”

“The moat?”


“That dirty old moat?”

“The queen had it cleaned out.”

“So, we are going to float your old wooden boat in the cleaned out moat?”


“Will there be food? What shall we eat?”

“Not a problem. We shall eat White Castles.”

“White Castles?”

“Yes. It seems appropriate that if we are going to float the old wooden boat in the queen’s cleaned out moat that we should eat White Castles.”

“May I have some water, please?”

“Yes. Here is some Crown Royal to go with it.”

“Crown Royal?”

“Yes. It’s that float the boat in the queen’s cleaned out moat thing that I just explained to you.”

“One more thing?”

“Go ahead …”

“Are we are going to meet the queen?”


“What is her name?”

“We call her the Queen of Delete.”

“The Queen of Delete?”


“Odd name.”

“Odd queen.”

“Does she have a crown?”

“She will have a crown just as soon as a few others get here.”

“A few others?”

“Yes. They have stolen a crown from the Tower of London to give to the Queen of Delete.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that. We could get tossed in jail … or much worse … thrown in the moat and eaten by the alligators.”

“Not to worry. The queen had the alligators removed from the moat and sent to Florida.”

“Florida? In America?”



“Well, it’s like this. There’s a college in Florida. It is home of the Florida Gators, and their football games are played in The Swamp. Did I give you too much information?”

“No. Do you want to know something?”


“I like this boat floating in the moat stuff.”

“Good. We shall do it again.”

© Catherine Evermore. All rights reserved.

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