Boat Rowing 101

Darling, here is the list of things you will need when you take up Boat Rowing 101:

A lake
A boat
Two oars
A life jacket
A hat
Reading glasses placed inside a Ziploc bag
Cushions to be used as flotation devices in case you capsize the boat
A map
A compass in case the map gets wet when you capsize the boat
A Styrofoam cooler with lots of ice
Canned drinks and bottled water
Snack food placed inside a Ziploc bag
Flares in case you capsize the boat at night
Walkie-talkie or cell phone placed inside a Ziploc bag
Instructions on how to row a boat

These are the things I will need:

A big Adirondack chair with soft cushions set up outside under a big oak tree
A footstool with a soft cushion
A tall glass of iced tea with a slice of lemon on the rim and a straw
A big bowl of popcorn with just a hint of Land O’ Lakes melted butter
Soft music and my favorite book
Binoculars to watch you as you learn how to row your

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5 thoughts on “Boat Rowing 101”

      1. If he’s that rowing-challenged, you’ll be through the trilogy before he reaches shore. I suggest you bring pen n’ paper to write some more….. (in the ”Musings of Madame Evermore” vein)…

          1. “of something” in the title orrrrr the muse aspect?… if title, waz gonna say ”midnight musings” but you’re not a dang night owl…. if muse, welllll, maybe have two shots?….

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